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Travel where the interstate highways don't go.

Getting to and Staying in Centralia

Getting to Centralia

Arrive in Centralia by train. Subject to change. Check with Amtrak for the latest schedules.

Morning Southbound Train 503
Seattle 7:22 am
Tukwila 7:36 am
Olympia 8:40 am
Centralia 9:00 am
Morning Northbound Train 500
Portland (originates in Eugene) 8:20 am
Vancouver WA 8:38 am
Kelso 9:11 am
Centralia 9:52 am
Afternoon Northbound Train 518
Centralia 4:37 pm
Olympia 4:58 pm
Tacoma 5:39 pm
Tukwila 6:09 pm
Seattle 6:30 pm
Afternoon Southbound Train 505
Centralia 3:50 pm
Kelso 4:30 pm
Vancouver WA 5:11 pm
Portland (continues to Eugene) 5:37 pm

Staying in Centralia

Accommodation options are limited near Centralia Depot. The nearest are:

McMenamins Olympic Club Hotel

Centralia Square Grand Ballroom and Hotel

There are many options in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland, where you can catch a train in time to join us in Centralia.