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Train travel is habit-forming.

Getting to and Staying in Centralia

Getting to Centralia

Arrive in Centralia by train. Subject to change. Check with Amtrak for the latest schedules.

Morning Southbound Train 503
Seattle 7:22 am
Tukwila 7:36 am
Olympia 8:40 am
Centralia 9:00 am
Morning Northbound Train 500
Portland (originates in Eugene) 8:20 am
Vancouver WA 8:38 am
Kelso 9:11 am
Centralia 9:52 am
Afternoon Northbound Train 518
Centralia 4:37 pm
Olympia 4:58 pm
Tacoma 5:39 pm
Tukwila 6:09 pm
Seattle 6:30 pm
Afternoon Southbound Train 505
Centralia 3:50 pm
Kelso 4:30 pm
Vancouver WA 5:11 pm
Portland (continues to Eugene) 5:37 pm

Staying in Centralia

Accommodation options are limited near Centralia Depot. The nearest are:

McMenamins Olympic Club Hotel

Centralia Square Grand Ballroom and Hotel

There are many options in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland, where you can catch a train in time to join us in Centralia.